01 May 2014

What's blooming in the garden today?

Here I have Sweet Alyssum in a hanging basket that I crafted.  I would say that I made it, but really, I just searched until I found some bowls I liked and figured out an attractive way to tie on my rope.  Then, I sewed through the rope to ensure the knots' security.  As for the Alyssum, the purple and lavender varieties you see in the foreground don't have a scent, or at least, not much of one.  I always plant the traditional white kind for their beautiful fragrance.  I can't get enough of it, so I always plant an assortment.

Sure, I know this technically hasn't bloomed yet, but this Snapdragon is a survivor.  I'm so proud and ready for the blossoms to open.

Since I got a pass earlier with the Snapdragon, I decided to push my luck with some purple Coleus.  This is a rooted cutting of a plant I got at the Master Gardeners Plant Sale last May.  I'm always interested in showy foliage, and am thrilled to have discovered that I can keep it around longer than just a few seasons.  It is almost as good as having flowers!

This is one of my first Confederate Jasmine buds to open.  I can't wait for the plants to really get into the groove.  They're by the screen door that opens into the kitchen, and their perfume is absolutely lovely.

This one from the pack of 6 purple Dianthus plants that I bought after an unseasonably late freeze from Lowes for $0.99!  It has recovered nicely.

I've had these cinnamon scented double bloomed Dianthus plants since last March and really need to divide them.  They've held up remarkably well and have been in constant bloom since I planted them.  What a good choice. :)

Here is the first Johnny Jump Up that has bloomed since I scattered the seeds in March.  I'm hoping many more will appear.  They're looking pretty scraggly because they're directly in the path Ria takes to harass the birds at their feeder.  I'd feel sorry for the birds, but they're getting a free lunch. And dinner.  And snack.  I go through a lot of bird feed.

I just love poppies.  I've scattered 4 different varieties throughout my garden, and am thrilled to have had this beauty bloom first.  She's not quite open yet, but tomorrow will be gorgeous.  Too bad I won't be here to take pictures.  I'll be in Austin for thrifting and fabric shopping.

My Mexican Heather is still very small, but is blooming nicely.  The flowers are small, but I enjoy them so much--even more because it is such a fuss free plant to grow here in central Texas.

The cherry tomatoes are on their way to a good start, having finally overcome their fungal issues.  This year I've only planted cherries, since last year I had such a terrible time with my large heirloom varieties.  Hopefully they'll produce prolifically and will prove to have been a good choice.

These pansies have survived since last fall and are still going strong.  They smell heavenly, and despite being in an ugly hanging basket have cheered me up many a day.

I'll end with some of the ever present Verbena that just can't get enough sun.  This is a super tough plant, and I can't recommend it enough.  Sure, mine looks scraggly at the moment, but I'll add more to the pot when I come across it on friendly property.


  1. Your flowers look lovely! I am more of a vegetable and fruit guy myself, but they do look nice!

  2. I feel you on that. I have a measly 5 tomato plants, 2 eggplants, and 7 various sweet pepper plants, and unfortunately don't have enough full sun in my yard to grow much else, except for plenty of herbs and my Meiwa kumquat. Have you ever eaten a plant called "Okinawan Spinach"? I am wondering if it is delicious enough to try to grow in my sun room.