About Me

      I literally lived at my geeky math and science high school, then flipped a coin and majored in International Studies.  After I graduated, I went and worked in Japan for a while to brush up on actually learn the language, where I discovered something surprising (other than the fact that I couldn't speak Japanese nearly as well as I had thought).
Riding time on Oahu.  Also pictured: post wedding bliss.
      Apparently, I hadn't racked up my fair share of student loans, so I high-tailed it back to the States to study Biochemistry. Between my studies I found the time to gain a wonderful life partner and two small quadruped companions.  We all -- excluding my papillon, Louis -- love the outdoors and spend a great deal of time running through the woods.  Think of me as someone like Disney's Pocahontas with loads of sunscreen and an inhaler--but no smallpox.  Oh,wait, I think they didn't mention that part...
     I love cooking, reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy), costuming, growing things, playing piano, riding motorcycles, and about 500 more things. Consider each post I make a work in progress, and if I make mistakes please let me know.  Pretty please!
     My mother always told me I could do anything and despite my cynicism I still believe her. Hopefully my exploits will remind you that you can too.
      I have started this blog to make sure I won't forget about the specifics of the good old days once I'm old and ancient.  Maybe you'll find it interesting, maybe you won't, but I'm sure I will sometime down the road.