12 February 2014

Pan Seared Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Chestnuts

This is my adaptation of Gordon Ramsay's recipe.  I made these to accompany my Kabocha Risotto.  It is super quick and easy, but also is impressive enough to serve to company.  If you're not fond of brussels sprouts, this method of preparing them may just change your mind.

This recipe is delicious even without the chestnuts.  The sprouts will still want some kind of sweetness, so just add a bit of sugar as you're searing them.  You can also experiment with using an acid other than lemon juice at the end.  I'm fond of using apple cider vinegar if I don't have lemons on hand.

Seared Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Chestnuts
You can see Kabocha Risotto in the background.

Brussels Sprouts
3 pieces of thick cut bacon cut into 1 cm wide strips.
at least 5 large peeled, chopped chestnuts
1 lemon

Iron Skillet
Cutting Board

  1. To prepare the brussels sprouts, cut off the bottom of each sprout, peel away the outer leaves, then cut the larger ones in half.  If the sprouts are small enough, leave them whole.  You're trying to make everything roughly the same size, so it will all cook evenly.
  2. Heat a pot of salted water until boiling, then blanch the prepared sprouts for 2 minutes.  
  3. Simultaneously, heat your iron skillet, melt the butter, and fry the bacon until it is crispy.  Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper.
  4. Add the sprouts directly to the skillet with a slotted spoon and sear them. 
  5. Right before your brussels sprouts are ready to eat, add your chestnuts.  Next, add some lemon zest and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Give your dish a stir, then plate and enjoy.

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